There is a knowledge, universal knowledge that can not be transmitted through thoughts is knowledge that is external to us and that is recalibrated when we are attuned to the thought energy that we are.
The intention is not to teach about universal knowledge to provide more information to our mind and thus create new thinking. It is for us to discover what our true nature is. The discovering or recognizing is individual of each one, exclusive in each person.
At the end of the 2012 the doors were opened towards universal knowledge and individual knowledge, for all those who want to remember who they are, what they are and where they belong. We still do not know what we really are. The greatness of our nature is much, much greater than we can imagine.
This is a starting point, to learn and remember in each life, what and who we are. This forgetfulness has been called maya, "the illusion of the self".

It has not been possible to begin to access this knowledge, understanding and love of our existence until the end of 2012.
We live immersed in our daily lives, with a minimal idea of ​​who we are, why we are here or where we are going. We have not discovered ourselves, yet.
The global belief or collective conscience, is that we are only a physical body. We are formed by multiple bodies: physical body or material, psychic body or soul and mental body or spirit. (There's others 9 bodies or energies that are in our gravitational field)

Our lives are full of conscious and unconscious fears, that at some point we will die, but what dies is our physical body. Our soul keeps evolving and rising towards the discovery of the energetic being or spirit that some moment, due to merit, knowledge, understanding and love, will present itself in our life. At that moment we will stop living and begin to exist.

The answers to all the questions we ask ourselves are not outside, they are inside of us, and they are specific to each one of us, each in his process of evolution and elevation.
There are many techniques, such as meditation, yoga, prayer, singing, religions, or any type of ritual, which are conditioned, because they are created by us. The search and practice, does not represent any problem, on the contrary, all have benefits, and very large, the problem is that we think we have found the way in any of these techniques. Buddha, is the great example of it, he left all mental structure conditioned by us, to find his own way.
Everything is related to the stirring of our thoughts energies. We are thoughts of our own thoughts. We have such a disconnection that we are so lost. We want money, power, love ... more of everything. Even those of us who are in spiritual awakening wish to be more spiritual, more awake, more balanced, more peaceful, more enlightened.
Our approaches are not wrong, because everything is learning, but wanting to acquire everything we want and even more to think that we have already achieved it, separates us from our recognition and everything is the product of our thoughts.

Evolution and elevation is a constant and infinite process. Be sure that all this is the construction of the ego, negative energy sick, etc. working so that we continue without recognizing ourselves.
To know oneself, to understand oneself and to love oneself is to begin to rediscover oneself, and to understand that we are part of a whole, so big, so immense that it goes beyond what we can think.

This is a process of recognition and integration of our thoughts energies, waiting for us to recalibrate again. They are programs that recognize them, at the same time that we discover our internal tools (internal senses) in cooperation with our external senses they readjust themselves in us and rebalance us, showing us our reality, the individual one, which at some point will materialize in a global.

Life and death is a continuum, it is inseparable. Until we rediscover who we are and becomes existence. In a conscious existence that takes you to states of energy thought of more knowledge, understanding and love.
When we reject death, we are rejecting life. We are not able to recognize ourselves.
This inner recognition detaches us from the fears that do not allow us to access ourselves.
Our society, our culture, show us what we have to be and at the same time they take us for lack of knowledge to a deep unconscious. Our wishes, fantasies and a very long list of things prevents us.



Our lives are full of repetitive words, thoughts and actions. Have we ever wondered if this is positive for us, for organism, for our energies thoughts?

I think so. That's how we all work in a general way.
Now more than ever for the cosmic alignment, and individual alignment, we are given the opportunity to get out of these patterns and recognize ourselves. Each one within its process, exclusive of each one.
La thought energy It has many levels ( hierarchies) that are classified in degrees, planes, dimensions and within each of them there are still more. If we identify or follow the patterns that our society teaches us, these lead us to a social conditioning (planetary consciousness) which is what has been called the matrix.
We are aware that patterns (thoughts, words and actions) condition us, but there are others that we do not see them. Are the primary, which are the ones that really guide us. All these patterns lead us to pleasure, to the elimination of pain, suffering, negative emotions, etc. that result in self-destructive and pathological behaviors. Examples: work, relationships, beliefs, addictions, vices, our own thoughts and in general our ways of living.
We the we feed. We live locked in very narrow patterns, which do not let us see the greatness of what we are.

We can leave behind the life we ​​have inherited, including that of other reincarnations, to come to exist in an energy thought in evolution and elevation, recognition and integration with the universal and the earthly (planet Earth).
When we identify with our character, which we have created ourselves, this is maya, the false appearance of oneself.
Today, despite all the knowledge we have at our disposal, we are more trapped by our illusions than ever.
Everything that we live in our lives, are experiences and experiences so that we remember what and who we are. For now we are in the world of our own thoughts, in a world of duality and created by us and by those structures that do not allow us to recognize ourselves.
We have to discover it for ourselves and with our own internal wisdom (with the understanding of knowledge and applied with love) otherwise we will continue in illusion, in Maya.


If we think like that, it will be like that. In these moments we are beginning to recognize the thought energy that we are. Our thoughts create our reality.

To get out of our own thoughts, we have to divert attention from these. Telling ourselves that we are more than the thoughts that are conditioning us. Observe us and feel that we feel, what information, learning we are taking out of them.
We are the observer of our own thoughts that we have been acquiring in our life, until today, that we have decided to learn and free ourselves from those that condition us. Well, we are more than our thoughts. Only that we have not yet been able to access the knowledge and understanding that we bring within ourselves.

Thanks to the cosmic and individual alignment that has been taking place since the 2012 year, this process will be more accessible and easier than before. At some point it will emerge, and it will be when we begin to know, understand and love.
We have just come out of a degree of unconsciousness and gradually we will have to get used to that inner self, to our own light, which is being recognized within us. But only we are the ones who can access it, do not look for anything, or anyone, not even us. It is information (energy) so that we can recognize ourselves, know where we are and where we are going.
Give yourself time, release what we know is conditioning us, everything we bring, our structures, whatever they are, that are limiting us. Quiet, everything will be fine, we are our own teachers, nothing, nothing, what happens to us is by chance, we have created it with our thoughts, to have the experiences and experiences we need to recognize that thought energy that He is watching us, and that at some point he will be one with us.
The mind is our great ally, in fact it is the best ally we have, since it is the one in charge of receiving, transforming, transmuting, catalyzing all energies. So far we have been programming it with information that has not allowed us to recognize ourselves. But we are reprogramming it with renewed, exclusive and unique thoughts that know what we need.
We are remembering that we are more than what our thoughts transmit to us. In fact, we are no longer those thoughts, we observe those thoughts so that they give us the information and see that they are transmitting to us. Observe and observe to feel ourselves, to recognize ourselves in what we are. Everything will manifest in its moment, when we have known, understood and loved.
The recognition that we are more than that we experience and think, is to recognize that we leave the game of life in which we find ourselves, to become part of a greater existence. We are still in us, we have to learn, experience and experience, but with our new perspectives of doing, thinking, feeling, acting.

We are in control and we are responsible for that.


We have always been, always, and now more, that we are recognizing ourselves as the internal thought energy that guides and loves us, so that we can evolve and elevate ourselves.

It gives us what we need, which does not usually coincide with the parameters that we have created with our future projections and plans. Little by little we will know how to do it. It is practical, with the parameters of existence, but ours, exclusive, full of knowledge, understanding and love. We are going to be surprised.

Awakening is to continue in the game of life, but being aware of us, of the thoughts, the energies that guide and love us. The game goes on, but we have the strength, the confidence, the understanding and the love, to transform what is presented to us.
Our thought energy is identified with what we have learned, but now we are realizing that there is another part of this thought energy that is telling us that there is something else, and that it is in us, in the DNA, innate, in the chakras, in the cerebral areas, in the cellular structure, in the gravitational field, in our bodies, in our akashic record.
We are our guides, with knowledge and understanding. We have searched outside and have always been inside. Recognizing ourselves is due to merit, perseverance, courage, in this and in other lives, for all that we bring from those hundreds of lives that we have lived and that now show us what we have learned. We have to keep moving forward, in constant change, but conscious.
We believed that we were empty of knowledge, understanding and love. We are what we are looking for. We do not know what we do not know.

Now we are reprogramming our energies thoughts so that we feel, remember what and who we are, and not only for this life if not for the following as well.
Every step we take towards recognizing thought energy, we discover that what we are remembering we already know, but we need these reminders to rediscover ourselves.
Knowing and being informed is fine, but it will not make us change unless we decide to do it, transmute the thoughts that condition us, internal and external thoughts.
We will recognize ourselves and know that there is something more than what the external senses show us. There is an internal thought energy that shows us that we are a global, a we, although we are still an individual thought energy, a self.
As we recognize ourselves, thinking, speaking, acting as the internal thought energy, we restructure our bodies. There is a recalibration of them, due to the transformation of the internal energy, since this is being updated. We will be in an optimal state of health, physical, psychic and energetic.

We will tell you what and who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We are going to take a great surprise, we will know, because we will shudder, we will feel it in such an intense way that we will recognize ourselves so clearly. It will be so great to feel, that we will consolidate ourselves in it with total conviction of ourselves.


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